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About me

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My name is Jessica and I was born in Orem, Utah. When I was 18 years old, I travelled to Nepal to volunteer in an orphanage. From there I caught the travel bug and continued around East Asia, then eventually South America. I landed in Hawaii, where I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design. I was able to study around Europe with a study abroad program called Semester at Sea, through UVA. After graduation I went back to Euoupe and met my husband (who also enjoys travelling, and has been around the world). We moved back to Utah, and were married after 1+ years of painful long distance.

My husband has his Masters in economics, and higher education (specifically M.Arch) has always appealed to me. This December I will be appling for Grad School all over the US. Calculus 1210 is a requirement to get into any M.arch program, so as an architect I can communicate well with engineers.

Goals and Outcomes

Short Term Goal #1

Make sure I'm taking care of myself. Sometimes I get so busy and caught up in what im doing to eat healthy and do simple things to take care of my body.

Short Term Goal #2

Create a Happy Home. For me this means playing with my dog every morning, and making sure my husband knows and feels that I love him, even simple things. More listening to him.

Short Term Goal #3

Keep my head up every day. I struggle with depression, and having a positive attitude isn't always easy for me. This goal, is more positivity in my life.

Long Term Goal #1

Save & Invest more, basically spend less. I absolutly love making my home beautiful, and this is a reminder to spend less money on home items and eating out, instead - save and invest.

Long Term Goal #2

Create passive income by starting a company. Either through PatchMasters, a company my husband and I are starting, OR through my design skills.

Long Term Goal #3

Follow my dream of becomming an architect, and work in the built world. Help create, reuse & repurpose materials we already have to beautify this world we live in.

SLCC Outcomes

Students communicate effectively.

This includes developing critical literacies—reading, writing, speaking, listening, visual understanding—that they can apply in various contexts; Organizing and presenting ideas and information visually, orally, and in writing according to standard usage; Understanding and using the elements of effective communication in interpersonal, small group, and mass settings.

The best indications of my ability to communicate effectively are: Link to Evidence

Students develop quantitative literacies necessary for their chosen field of study.

This includes approaching practical problems by choosing and applying appropriate mathematical techniques; Using information represented as data, graphs, tables, and schematics in a variety of disciplines; Applying mathematical theory, concepts, and methods of inquiry appropriate to program-specific problems.

The best indications of my quantitative literacy are: Link to Evidence

Students think critically and creatively.

This includes reasoning effectively from available evidence; demonstrating effective problem solving; engaging in creative thinking, expression, and application; Engaging in reflective thinking and expression; Demonstrating higher-order skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation; Making connections across disciplines; Applying scientific methods to the inquiry process.

The best indicators of my critical thinking are: Link to Evidence

The best indicators of my creativity are: Link to Evidence

Students develop the knowledge and skills to be civically engaged.

This includes understanding the natural, political, historical, social, and economic underpinnings of the local, national, and global communities to which they belong; Developing the awareness of both civil rights and civil responsibilities for individual and collective action in a democracy; Engaging in service-learning for community building and an enhanced academic experience; Develop the knowledge and skills to take leadership roles.

The best indicators of my preparation for or involvement in civic engagement are: Link to Evidence

Students develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner.

This includes engaging with a diverse set of others to produce professional work; Interacting competently across cultures; understanding and appreciating human differences; Understanding and acting on standards of professionalism and civility, including the SLCC Student Code of Conduct.

The best indicators of my ability to work with others are: Link to Evidence

Students develop computer and information literacy.

This includes using contemporary computer hardware and software to effectively complete college-level assignments; Gathering and analyzing information using technology, library resources, and other modalities; Understanding and acting upon ethical and security principles with respect to computer technology and to information acquisition and distribution; distinguishing between credible and non-credible sources of information, and using the former in their work in an appropriately documented fashion.

The best indicators of my computer literacy are: Link to Evidence

The best indicators of my information literacy are: Link to Evidence

Course Work

This is my Signature Project From Calculus 1210

Learning Outside of Class

My Learning outside of class involves a lot of webdesign, development, as well as working on my boat, I'm ALWAYS continuing to learn, I think it is one of the most important things to enjoy!

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